Sunday, May 24, 2009

i saw him

My heart pounded as I approached the restaurant, shit it was forever
I held my head up high and looked straight ahead as I could feel his eyes on me
I felt pure hatred, anger, I wanted to go up to him and stab him in his heart the way he stabbed me. I waited in line waiting for our table to be ready. I pretended I didn’t see him, I pretended that he wasn’t there I laughed I joked I smiled. And when I was seated I gave him my back. The whole time he just stared, and it was that time that I felt my closure. I made him feel that to me he didn’t exist.
Shoftek la 3ad tehez kayan wela sho3or. Karahtek, I felt disgusted, its weird when someone that used to see so perfect so beautiful turn into this backs tabbing ugly creature that isn’t human to you anymore. Time will bring us togetheir again and when we are faced I will have no feeling towards you, I will find anther you. But you will never find anther me. A Women that would have walked on fire for you. A woman that loved you with everything she had, a women that gave you her all.
A woman that stood by you, through giid times and bad
A woman that made avow that nothing will make her go againsit you.
A Woman that stood against fate.
Yes, that woman was me.
You're just a man monster an asshole.
Damged ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Goodbye Forever..

"La ya forever la talbes ketha elbes ketha" the s3oody girl said
I held the phone tighter as tears started streaming down my face.
Yes, I called forever from a number he doesn’t know and this whore answeredJ here is what happened.
I called from this number that I have but I don’t use and I realize that he wasn’t in Kuwait. I keep calling and hanging up stupid and silly and childish I know but we all do it plus I was bored.
The third time I called,
"Aloo" this very feminine voice said
"Aish el garf hatha? mA3ndek lesan" she said again and started cussing at me in arbic, yes fellow readers the love of my life was with anther girl. I called again because by that time I was crazy with jealousy and she answers and keeps the phone on, and I hear every little word, every breathe, every moan.
Yes my forever was making out with this whore. And I heard.
I heard my man kiss anther women.
I heard my man make anther women moan in pleasure.
i felt my heart break in to a million pieces.
I couldn’t breathe. I felt suffocated. Disgusted. Infuriated.
So this is what I have to say :
Ma 3ad yenfa3 el 3atab, ma 3ad yenfa3 el nedam. Ew9lat feek el darja w el 7aqra etsam3eni wenta weya ga7ba?? Sheno hal 7aqara ? sheno hal nethala ?
Ana sheno sawaitlik ? wtf did I do to desserve this ? i did nothing but love you with my mind body and soul. you just showed your true colors. FUCK YOU I FUCKING HOPE YOU GET AIDS YOU ASSHOLE
Lawa3at chbdi. Karhtek. 3ala gad ma 7abaitek karhtek.
Mabe ashoofek mabe asma3 9otek. Mabe ayshay that reminds me of you.
To me your dead. Your no longer my forever. You have become a mistake. A mistake that I can never erase. BUT IM SURE AS HELL I WON'T REAPEAT.
7esbey alah wel ne3ma el wakel feek .
Goodbye Forever.
I no longer know you. To me your dead.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Dear Forever,

Im in bed all alone, thinking of you, 7abebe I miss u :( I miss you next to me, I miss touching you, I miss your hands on my body I miss you hugging me on your chest.
*sigh* I called you yesterday and to my surprise you answered, regardless of the fact that I was having a weak moment I just needed to hear your voice. God. It made all the sadness I felt during our time apart disappear. 7abebe you were sick L 9otek 3awar galbe ! Why don’t u let me take care of you? Make you feel better?
Cook you your favorite cream of mushroom soup.
I wana be between your arms so fucking much! I wana go to bed with you next to me, I wana wake up and see you in bed with me, I wana see your toothbrush next to mine, I wana fight with you about what we wana have for lunch! I wan argue with you on what TV channel we watch.
Haha do you remember when we were grocery shopping in SC and you dragged me all the way to the toys section showing me what toys you would buy our son? I felt so proud that day with you by my side with your arms around me. I felt serenity. I felt complete.
You complete me.
Once upon a time I completed you :(
Damaged Goods

Noor and Sager

*A short Story
xoxo damged goods

"7abebe abe ashoofek " whined noor
"Mw fathelich ! shfech it7nen " replied sager angrily
Noor was hurt by his reply but it wasn’t a surprise, this was the way sager talked to her. She was the last thing in his priority list and noor was extremely aware of that. Everything came before she did.
"3ala ra7tek" she said sadly
She closed it as the anger bubbled up inside her, who the hell does he think he is to tell her that he can't see her she wanted to see him and she will. She wanted to discuss something with him; a while back sager a noor were an item she was head over heels in love. After they broke they decided to stay friends.
How can she be his friend? How can she be friends with the only man she fell in love with? How can she be friends with her soul mate? How can she be friends with the one person that knew her so well? Noor wanted to tell him that he can't have it all. He's either with her or he's not.
Ignoring her better judgment noor sped off to his house, once she reached the familiar square like house; noor felt the butterflies in her tummy as she dialed the number she knew so well.
"Sager, ana bara " she said nervously
He came out 2 minutes later wearing Abercrombie maroon training and a white top. Noor smiled thinking how good he looked. She got down as he hugged her , she breathed on his scent a scent of Creek his favorite perfume. The scent that drove her wild; she held his hand as he led her to the garden.
"Shfeech" he said as he sat on the bench
"I can't just be your friend sager, I love you, abeek 7age ebroo7ii methel ma el mafroth tabeni 7agek ebro7ek" she responded
Sager lit his cigarette as he said "kint adre ma3ndch salfa, wana gtlich raye bel mawtho3"
Tears formed in her eyes as noor said "ana asfa 3ayal I can't be in your life, I have to go now"
He came behind her as he hugged her. They were the perfect fit. The perfect match.
"Lish matbeni" she whispered
"intay tadren lish " he replied
"LA MADRE GOLEY FAHEEMNI !!" she responded
He then went on and on, on how different they were and how he would never marry a girl like her. He didn’t care that she was hyperventling. He didn’t care that she was suffocating. He didn’t care that she couldn’t stop crying.
He only cared about himself.
Noor sped off, hysterical. Stupid girl I never learn were he thoughts and then like a strike of lighting noor crashed into the pole. That was when everything turned black .
*Beep Beep*
Unknown Number
1 message received
3atham Alah ajrek Sager, Noor towfat.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


*Note: a short story, that contains a lot of adult detail. if you will get offeneded do not read this post, again i do not mean to offend anyone.
xoxo Damged Goods

He inhaled deeply as he licked his tongue in anticipation. She was the most exhilarating little thing he had ever seen. Bandar licked his lips in anticipation as she watched her look at him shyly as she said "Baby I have a surprise for you"
"Sheno uhwa" he replied
She responded by giving hi, her back and seductively taking of her short black trench coat only to revel an extremely sexy corset top that showed of her curvy body to perfection. She smiled at him approvingly as she saw his male hood grow.
"Turn around" he said almost hoarsely
Sara twirled around slowly giving him a great view of her creamy white ass in a lacy thong.
She walked over and stood between his legs.
"Lay back" she commanded
He did as he was told, it was such a turn on too him when she took control.
She out his hands above his head as she got on top of him gently kissing his head his cheek and slowly and very sensually kissing his neck she stops when she reaches his full luscious lips and linger above them for a mere second and then she finally kiss's him slowly rubbing her body against his. Bandar expertly takes charge of the situation gently sucking on her lips, biting them tugging at them trying to show her just how much he wanted her. He then kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. Sara melted right then and there, it was her weak point. He then rolled her on her tummy and got on top of her from behind gently kissing the back of her neck as he slowly un does her Corset kissing her backbone as he open it, it slid off only to revel her voulptious breasts. He buried his head between them as he devoured them one at a time. Gently sucking on her rose bud nipple and nibbling on it as Sara moaned in frustration. It was as much as she could take.
"I want you, insiiide me " she moaned in his ear licking his neck.
He responded by opening up her legs as He pulled them down her thong , and lifted her legs up and with one swift movement he entered her, she grabbed his back and she moved beneath him, they moved together so perfectly, so beautifully. They both could not hold back any longer, they saw fireworks as both their bodies exploded together.
Bandar pulled Sara into his arms and spooned her as they lay in bed.
"Sara" he whispered
"E3yoon Sara" she replied
"Tadren sha7eb feech" he asked
She giggled "Shet7eb? "
"Kilshay" he responded
"Don’t ever leave me" she whispered
"Never" He replied
'She looked at the time and realized it was late and she had to get going.
"7abebe ana lazem amshe"
"Ok galbe, aw9lech el sayara"
She got in her car and kissed him one last time before she took off.
*Beep Beep*
1 Message Received
Take Care Bel Darb ;*
Sara smiled thinking just how much she loved him. She was finally in a relationship with a MAN.
What Bandar didn’t know was that Sara wasn’t what she seemed.
Sara was a transsexual who has a full sex change operation.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I woke up early to day, but didn’t get out of bed I laid down for a long time and took a walk down memory lane. I remembered our time together. I remembered the laughter we shared the tears we both cried. I remembered how we used to hastily plan for our future and how we use to argue about who named our first-born. You wanted a boy. I just wanted babies from you. You wanted to name him after your father; I on the other hand wanted to name him after mine. I would confidently inform you that I had the right to name him cause I carried him in my uterus for 9 months you would laugh and lovingly tell me that I didn’t matter what our sons names were as long as I was the mother. I smile as the memories wash over me and then I am forced to live reality. The reality of you and me no longer a couple. The reality that anther man will touch me. That thought alone used to get you so mad; I was yours and only yours it was that simple.
But that’s the funny thing with life, nothings ever simple anymore is it?
I have decided to give you space baby; space for you to grow and spread your wings. Space for you to realize that you and me are soul mates. I believe in what we had. I know that no one can come between us not even time itself. And with time you will realize that we complete each other. And when you I will be waiting with open arms.
the day of your graduation; a day 3 years ago we both wanted it to come so badly so that we could show the world that we made it, how in love we are and how no matter what happened no matter what people said we made it. It was the day we were going to get engaged. Going to. I still plan on coming. I was with you from day 1. I will be waiting for you when you run across the room to your loved ones. And when you realize that I’m patiently waiting I will walk over and hug you and tell you the 3 words I long for you to know.
I love you
Always and Forever; *

*NOTE: i did go to his graduation, and i was waiting for him, he walked over to me and i just threw my arms around him i didnt care that their were people around us or that his entire family were there it just felt so right u now ? i kissed him all over i kissed his cheeks his head his neck and i huged him so tight i never wanted to let go. i was so overwhelmed i couldnt talk. he just kept hugging me tighter aas if he he wanted to say something, and when i finally let go of him and looked in to his eyes wala el 3athem i fell in love all over again. i couldnt talk, tearsof happiness started falling from my eyes as he said, "El fal lech damged, afra7 feech" i couldnt speak i just nodded.
*sigh* 3ala golat rashed "ayaam kam 3eshnaha ya ma7laaha"
xoxo Damged Goods

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The other women

a couple of months ago i was going through some problems with forever, and i knew there was some one else on the side, its just a hunch i feeling you get. i wrote him an email @ the time but i never sent it. i have decided to share it with you...

Where did you too meet? When? Do you love her? Merta7 weyaha?
Answer me. Did she make you forget our time together? How could you? How could you move on so easily? Don’t you realize your killing me? You hurt me numerous times, but this bates all the other out. If by letting me know you want me to hate you? I don’t. In fact I pity myself for loving you more than I love myself.
I deserve to be happy. Don’t you think I deserve to be happy?
You’re my happiness and my sadness wrapped up in one.
Let him go. Move on. You deserve better. We see things you don’t see. These phrases I keep on hearing every day but once there said to be I block it out. They don’t understand. How could they understand if you yourself don’t understand?
Fuck you. I’m so angry. You deserted me when I was fragile. You broke me in to a million pieces. You made me feel that I = nothing. Well fuck you. Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you think you’re invincible? Do you think that the pain you inflicted upon others wont haunt you?
How the hell can u say that you love me that you want the best for me when you keep hurting me. Because you are selfish. You just say that to make yourself feel better for the pain that you are causing me.
But I hope that the day will come when you realize that you lost the best damn thing you ever had. Me.