Sunday, May 24, 2009

i saw him

My heart pounded as I approached the restaurant, shit it was forever
I held my head up high and looked straight ahead as I could feel his eyes on me
I felt pure hatred, anger, I wanted to go up to him and stab him in his heart the way he stabbed me. I waited in line waiting for our table to be ready. I pretended I didn’t see him, I pretended that he wasn’t there I laughed I joked I smiled. And when I was seated I gave him my back. The whole time he just stared, and it was that time that I felt my closure. I made him feel that to me he didn’t exist.
Shoftek la 3ad tehez kayan wela sho3or. Karahtek, I felt disgusted, its weird when someone that used to see so perfect so beautiful turn into this backs tabbing ugly creature that isn’t human to you anymore. Time will bring us togetheir again and when we are faced I will have no feeling towards you, I will find anther you. But you will never find anther me. A Women that would have walked on fire for you. A woman that loved you with everything she had, a women that gave you her all.
A woman that stood by you, through giid times and bad
A woman that made avow that nothing will make her go againsit you.
A Woman that stood against fate.
Yes, that woman was me.
You're just a man monster an asshole.
Damged ;)


  1. thats my girl !!!!!!!!!!!!
    yeah you found closer :)
    i am so happy !!!!!!!!

    yalla go party :P
    and pig out !!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol no i take that back
    i dont want you to gain weight :P

  2. awww... good girl! walla what you've done was amazing... you should be so proud of yourself... his loss walla.. and before you know it, you'll find a better guy whose really, madly, deeply in love with you... :)

  3. Im so proud of you! Iwali hal 7aqeer!

  4. i read your blog all at once .. i still dont understand why you two brokeup at first place bas i think family stupid society thing? 7emdilla u found out the reall him, and now u will let go.. wish you all the best ;* am following keep up;***

  5. YES YES DAMAGED THATS GOOD! just pretend and you'll forget everything inshalah;D


  6. بن الذويخ الرعيبي الشمريOctober 2, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    شمّر والعز معمّر

  7. Wow. I can so relate to this right now.
    This last post helped a lot.
    Well written, so honest, pure and just wow.

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